Metering Modes

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The metering modes on your camera are as follows.

Evaluative Metering

This is a metering mode for use in most situations. Even works with backlit subjects. The camera will automatically set the exposure so that it suits the scene.

Partial Metering

This mode is most effective to use when the background of the subject is much brighter. Partial metering usually is in a small area in the center of the frame.

Spot Metering

This is used to find the exposure of specific areas in your scene. Just point the middle focus point at the area you want to find the exposure for. Landscape photographers really like this mode as it helps you figure out how to even out the exposures.

Center Weighted average Metering

The metering is weighted at the center and is averaged across the entire scene. I would recommend playing around with these settings to see which you prefer and in which situations you prefer them.

Depending on what you are shooting you will find that some of these work for you but others do not. It’s all personal preference.

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