Sunrise at Osborne Point

Osbourne Point - Scarborough, Redcliffe Peninsula - Queensland

Canon EOS 5d Mark III + Canon EF 17mm f/4.0 L

17mm - f/11 - 1/8th - ISO 100

The march of time seems to be speeding up for me lately.  There's only 10 days left before we leave for our new adventure in Japan. In these 10 days we are going to pack everything up and move it all on to new homes. Daunting job but I'm sure if we just keep chipping away at it, we will get it done.

I've decided to do a small 10 day project where I will photograph the sunrise on every one of the last days, in some of my favourite locations here in my hometown of Redcliffe, Queensland. It's a wonderful spot in the world, which I've never really taken the time to take in. Having grown up here I've definitely taken it for granted and haven't realised it really is a beautiful place. It's surprising what you see when you're leaving and won't be back for a long time.

I'm going to miss the sounds of the butcher birds singing in the morning, the Kookaburra's that laughed at me every day while I was walking to work. That's just a couple of the things I've taken for granted. I'm sure I will miss more things as they make themselves known when I've left.

I finished up at my job @ No Boundaries Disability Support Inc. on Friday the 3rd.  It's the most amazing workplace that I've ever had the privilege of being involved with. Where everything is about "the guys" we are supporting. I've never seen a workplace where everyone works so hard to make the days of "the guys" the best they can.  It's definitely changed my view on life. I have met so many amazing people there and I have so many mixed feelings about leaving. I feel strange knowing that I won't be going there every day but then it also feels kind of freeing.

I'm free to chase my love of photography now. So that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Watch this space. 

- Gav