After leaving Kobe on Friday the 3rd of March, 2023, we headed to Ishikawa Prefecture.

We got to our destination, Nomineagari, at around 3pm in the afternoon after a two hour train ride on JR Wests "Thunderbird" train.

The scenery along the way was so good that it only felt like a half hour trip.

We hopped off the train at Nomineagari Station and started walking to our accommodation. On the way we heard some really loud jets and looked up to see four military planes flying in formation as they passed overhead.  We thought they must of come out to welcome us here!

Turns out that there is a military air base not far from here and they sometimes fly over this area. I think it's pretty cool but it is loud!

This morning I woke up and just had to get out and about with my camera. I haven't used it anywhere near as much as I should have been so I was determined to get out and try to find some shots.  Well, turns out it's quite easy to find subjects around these parts!

I'll be sure to add more photos to this gallery during the week so feel free to check back and see if there's anything new!

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